By AYSO Region 60 , January 21, 2011 | Updated March 9, 2011

GALAXY - BU10 1st Place League Play Through Champions 2011 - Julio Valpuesta - Coach, Jose Aguayo - Assistant Coach, Team Roster - Isaiah Navarro-Garcia, Mateo Arredondo, Julio Valpuesta, Rick Aguayo, Paul El Hosni, Humberto Molina, Jun Wema, Dominic Cousins, David Alvarez, Matthew Donko.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the Area League Play Through Tournament (LPT). To be able to represent our region in this tournament is quite an accomplishment in itself. Beyond that we not only competed and performed tremendously well, we walked away with 1 Championship Team and 1 Second Place Team

Our level of play illustrates the direction in which our overall program is headed. We are all proud of the hard work that was displayed this weekend. Our hats go off to all the Players, Parents and Coaches

Alhambra Region 60 represented itself in a manner in which our entire AYSO family can be proud. Letís continue taking the steps in order to follow what we did in League Play Through and carry that momentum into our All Star season.

KILLER KLEATS -GU10 2nd Place League Play Through 2011 - Abel Hernandez - Coach, Team Roster - Katherine Ojiri, Isabella Silva, Alyssa Pacheco, Celeste Aparicio, Sophia Pedraza, Britney Chavez, Nicole Hernandez, Tatiana Small, Abigail Thurston, Isabella Veljacic.

Extra honors go to our BU10 League Play Through Area 1C Champions, Coached by Julio Valpesta and Assisted by Jose Aguayo, and to our GU10 League Play Through Second Place team Coached by Abel Hernandez.

It is never easy to win at any level, so on behalf of Region 60, congratulations to all our teams.

Below are the results for our LPT teams 2010-2011 season:

CoachDivisionFinal Standing
Abel HernandezGU10 Champions2nd Place Runner Up
Julio ValpuestaBU10 Champions1st Place Champions
David TorresGU10 Runner UpDNP
Mansour QuadiarBU10 Runner UpDNP
Juan EspinozaGU12 ChampionDNP
Sally SerranoBU12 Champion4th Place
Jose SuarezGU12 Runner Up3rd Place
Carlos BecerraBU12 Runner UpDNP
Fred VasquezGU14 ChampionDNP
Rafael SanchezBU14 Champion3rd Place
Nabor SolisGU14 Runner UpDNP
Jason AlexisBU14 Runner UpDNP

(DNP = Did Not Place)

Note: Teams that finished 1st or 2nd will move on and play in Riverside at the end of next month, more details will follow near future.

Steve Shahin
Extended Play Coordinator

Updated March 09, 2011:
Quick notes on Coach Julio's team during the LTP tournament.
Even though the Galaxy team was short handed without one of their best players for the 3 qualifying games on the first day of play, the team played hard in their 1st game and ended in 4-4 tie. The remaining 2 games got a little harder and the team started to show signs of wear without having a full team to compete, but they managed to play very hard for those final 2 games. Even thought the team did not qualify to continue for the next days finals rounds, Coach Valpuesta was very proud by the way in which his team played and he knows that the experience those boys gained will live with them forever.