GU12 Phoenix: California State AYSO Champions!

By Steve Shahin, Extended Programs Director , March 22, 2011

PHOENIX - GU12 - Carlos Garcia, Coach, Team Roster - Kyrene Beltran, Marissa Castillo, Tiffany Chan, Zoe Chang, Jezteni Espinoza, Sophia Garcia, Tatiana Garnett, Izel Gutierrez, Casey Moore, Gabrielle Morales, Caia Rice, Nicole Vargas.

Alhambra Region 60 is proud to announce that our GU12 team finished their All Star season on top the AYSO mountain. Team Phoenix, led by head coach Carlos Garcia and assistant coach Juan Espinoza, finished what they started in Riverside a week earlier. The play that the girls displayed on Championship Sunday March 13, 2011 proved that their skill and determination was a combination that would not be outmatched by any team they faced on the field.

Our girls team played their final 2 games in Garden Grove on Sundayand won both games over Canyon Country 3-1 in the semifinal and then Los Alamitos 4-2 in the final.

The girls heart and effort proved too much for their opponent as they played their final match against the local Los Alamitos team. Los Alamitos scored 2 goals, which was more than any other team had scored in any game leading up to the finals match. The half time score was 3-2 in favor of our girls Team Phoenix. Our Alhambra girls team stayed focused and would not let Los Alamitos score another goal in the second half. The game finished with a score of 4-2 in Alhambra's favor.

GU12 Phoenix - California State AYSO Champions

The support from the Alhambra sidelines for our girls was huge for the entire season. That positive support from the parents and all those that came out to cheer proved to be the extra energy that the girls needed to play through out any tough match. Everyone who witnessed our girls team play could truly see that the team had a fluid chemistry that allowed them to remain focused through out their long season. As a fan who watched this team play, I enjoyed the sense of team spirit that I witnessed when I watched this fantastic team of winners play.

Congratulations to the entire team and their terrific support group from all of us at Region 60. We will be looking forward to more great play as these players continue to move forward in our region.

Steve Shahin,
Extended Play Coordinator,
Region 60 - Alhambra/Monterey Park