GU14 Team Reaches Finals of California State Championships!

By AYSO Region 60 , March 20, 2012

Coach Alfred Vasquez led his girls U14 Toxic Waste team out of the Section One Playoffs (as champions) and into the California State Championships in Cathedral City on March 17, 2012. Out of hundreds of teams and dozens of games, the state games came down to the final 4 teams battling for the top spot: San Bruno vs. Montebello and Alhambra vs. Santa Ynez.

The semi-final, although not reflective of the 5-2 score, was a hard fought victory for Alhambra. Santa Ynez fought hard for 70 minutes, but Alhambra was able to prevail with goals from 4 different players and a strong defensive line. Montebello beat San Bruno 7-3 in the other semi-final.

The final match-up, Alhambra vs. Montebello, proved to be the game of the year for both teams. Alhambra struck first in the first quarter, going up 1-0 early in the game. The score held through three quarters, with Alhambra fighting hard on defense and trying to put the game out of reach with a second goal. However, Montebello kept battling and was finally able to break-through late in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 1-1. The game remained tied after the first overtime and it seemed the game would be decided kicks from the penalty mark; alas, with just a few minutes remaining in the 2nd overtime, Montebello was able to score its deciding goal and win 2-1. This was definitely a great game to watch.

Montebello's Regional Commissioner, Valerie Verdugo, said this about the team, "We applaud your TOXIC WASTE - GU14 led by head coach Alfred Vasquez and assistant coach Marco (Viramontes). The players and coaches displayed an excellent level of play and good sportsmanship during a very competitive and emotional game. Both teams are winners!!!"

The girls and coaches held their heads high and celebrated a great run and accomplishment, especially as the first Section One League Champions and California State Championships finalist in Alhambra Region 60 history. These girls have every reason to be proud, as are all their families and friends who came out and cheered them all season long. Coach Vasquez had this to say about the team, "I am very proud of these girls, especially since this was a regional team, and not an all-star one. We had girls of different skill levels, but we improved and developed as a team, which in the end is one of AYSO's core philosophies."

Congratulations Toxic Waste!